Today is the last day of Nano in the southern hemisphere and I’ve made it to just over 60,000 words in 30 days writing!

I’ve still a fair bit to do to finish my first, first draft, and it may take a bit longer than I expected, but all the same, it will happen.

Today has been a day filled to the brim with all manner of stuff, and everything but much in the way of writing. We’ve had a truck break down in the middle of nowhere, or almost, my husband limped his truck to Mildura and is now flying to Melbourne tomorrow and from there, to Newcastle. For a little while it seemed as if I was going to be driving to Mildura, about 14 hours drive, to pick him up, but we decided to save me the time and he is flying. I must say I’m really pleased, I can do some more writing now.

I’ve ordered a book for my granddaughter, she is a very reluctant reader and Dee White reviewed Captain Blunderbolt by Carol Martin and Loren Morris. We are going to read it together. I’m so excited to be able to encourage her to love to read with a good aussie yarn.