I read an article somewhere, and it encouraged waiting until your passion found you. Sounds great!

But what the heck defines a passion? 

I mean, I really like eating icecream and chocolate flavouring, but I can’t really make a hobby of it, and it doesn’t drive my life. I love walking my dogs, again, not a passion though, I even like to muck around with my camera. Then there is the  Church where I fellowship and I suppose that my relationship with the Lord is a kind of passion, but I tend to think of a personal passion as something done for the sheer joy of it.

Should a passion make you feel good just to think of it, to plan, to anticipate?

I think it should.

So, what has the dictionary to say for itself on this topic Reader? Let’s have a look at what the online Oxford says;





  • 1 [mass noun] strong and barely controllable emotion:a man of impetuous passion
  • [in singular] a state or outburst of strong emotion:oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion
  • intense sexual love:their all-consuming passion for each other[in singular]:she nurses a passion for Thomas
  • [in singular] an intense desire or enthusiasm for something:the English have a passion for gardens
  • [count noun] a thing arousing great enthusiasm:modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill’s

    Writing is all of these for me, well except for the sexual love bit, but all of the rest!
    Epiphany coming up Reader, my passion is for writing, I love it, it makes me feel a sense of joy that carries me through the day. I need to do it and I’m not ever going to deny myself again. WRITING IS MY PASSION

    Recently I wrote for an hour in the morning and felt invigorated and happy all the rest of the day.
    Totally off the topic of writing Reader, but I thought I’d share a bit of my holiday. Last week we took the hounds for a walk along the foreshore at Lake Macquarie in NSW. It is a really beautiful place, here are some dodgy, that’s dodgy not doggy, photo’s taken on my phone.
    From Warner's Bay
    This is the view from Warner’s Bay, where we began our 5km walk.
    The dogs waiting to start.
    The new cycle/walk way that runs out over the water.
    Half way.
    After, pooped pups.