Yup, it’s the end of January and I have only days to finish the first draft of “On the River Bank”

I’m really not sure if I’ll make my deadline Reader, there’s a lot of stuff happening during the next few days and very little of it leaves time to scribble (read type madly) down the last chapter and a half to cross that line.

However, I will do my best. I’m writing this on Saturday, 28th Jan, my lovely sister, Gina’s birthday, I must remember to send her a Happy Birthday text. She is away for a long weekend with her family. Anyway, today is going to be another action packed day, firstly down to Newcastle to buy a mirror for a truck, then to visit my bestest Buddy and her man. After that onto Toowoon Bay on the central coast for a  combined fellowship activity with Newcastle and Central Coast Revival Fellowship‘s. http://www.trf.org.au/

All this flurry of activity is because I want to get my draft finished before the 1st of February, when a new WriterU starts. I’ll take a few pic’s of Toowoon Bay, I don’t think I’ve ever been there, and it’s supposed to be a really nice place. So we’ll see.