I’ve saddled myself with lots of deadlines and work this month dear reader.

February for me will consist of all the usual, book keeping, BAS (Business Assessment Statements – tax payments) plus joining an online Word War group on Facebook. I find the immediacy of a writing challenge that lasts an hour invaluable for my writing. Somehow it forces me to get stuck in.

A time is set and, posted on the Facebook page, then we wait and see who joins in and then it’s a countdown until write off time. I try to give myself a few hours to get other stuff, like the BAS or invoicing done, then I write flat out for that hour and see what comes. It’s usually good! Which is why I loved NaNo so much.

To add to the insanity, I’m a fully paid up member of the “Pacing” course with Mary Buckham via the WriterU courses. I know this will be invaluable, but I think I could have done with it being run in March rather than February. Still I’d much rather be writing than doing book keeping or house work as well you may have gathered reader.