Is that confusing enough for you reader? Let me explain.

My WIP is an Historical Romance, of sorts, set in the Hunter Valley in the early 1800’s. I’ve been basing the fiction around actual events and some real characters, and so far, it’s coming along quite nicely.

The thing is, I don’t really read this kind of book, I love Mysteries. So why don’t I write what I love to read, I hear you ask reader? MMMM good question.

I guess I can only answer that by explaining how I came to be writing an historical romance. I have several half finished and a few barely started manuscripts. I had been stalled in my writing for almost a year. I wanted to write, and yet my life kept seeming to conspire against my desire to do anything about it. I would swing between guilt at writing and not doing other work, such as invoicing (eekk) and then guilt at not writing because I really want to. Is my desire to write selfish and should I just forget about it?

No, reader, it’s not selfish to want to write, why shouldn’t I be able to pursue my own passion. Other people are allowed to have hobbies, though heaven forbid I should insult my writer friends by implying their writing is merely a hobby! I don’t think writing is a hobby, although if I am not earning money, maybe it is one for the moment. Anyway, hobby or not a hobby aside, the reason I have written 80,000+ words in an Australian Historical Romance reader is because I decided to enter a 3,000 word limit writing competition. I have never previously written for any competition, but I wanted to get myself back into a writing head space. I thought a writing competition would do the trick reader. So I said to myself, “Self, set it locally to make research easier.” Local being the Lower Hunter in New South Wales. Where I live reader. So I read about the early settlement of the Hunter River and Patrick Plains, now known as the Singleton area. I became intrigued by place names that I’d heard of and signs I’d seen a hundred or more times. I’d had no idea we had such a rich and exciting history. Then I began to write, with no idea at all what I was going to write about. So I imagined a girl on a ship, having sailed for over 4 months, then arriving to find things not at all as she’d expected, not at all as she’d been promised. Guess what reader, three thousand words were not going to cut it! Maddy, my willful MC had other ideas. She just seemed to have so much more to say.

So here I am reader, a few thousand words away from an ending that I dreamed one night, jumped out of bed and scribbled down before that elusive wisp of inspiration was burned off under the harsh glow of the kitchen lights.

The thing is reader, I’m enjoying it, I love my characters, they are interesting and I never know what they will do next. Maybe one day I will write that mystery but in the mean time, I’ve got Maddy and Daniel waiting for me to sort them out. So I shall do get back to it.

Why do you read what you read, and write what you write? Really reader, I’d like to know 🙂