I’ve finished the first draft!

Just thought you might like to know<insert big grin here> After so many stops and starts, I’ve finally done it, I’ve written THE END. I know some of you writers may know how that feels, but to anyone else, well I don’t know how to explain it. But it’s good, satisfying and scary all a the same time. Satisfying because this tiny germ of an idea has grown into a 90,000 word  novel. Scary because rather than being finished, I’ve barely begun.

I had to run to my alpha reader to discuss my story goal. Like what is it? And after lots of discussion we have come to terms that it’s mostly a love story. The reason for this dilemma, reader, is that I originally only started out to have a short 3000 word story and the story goal was more about survival in a foreign land. 90,000 words later, things have changed but I hadn’t really identified the goals and motivations.

So today, I’m taking a bit of time to do a story timeline. This is just like any timeline, with all the pivotal points marked. After this, I’m going to put a summary of each scene on a index card and have a look at it. I’ll be looking to see if each scene  flows, if it’s in the right place.

I read an article on Donald Miller’s site, (never heard of him reader? well I hadn’t either, but I really liked what he had to say) here is the link that was provided by Lia Keyes in Wordcount Warriors, a FaceBook writing group. Have a look for yourself if you’re inclined.


There’s lot’s to do reader, so I’ll be getting on with it.