I have a huge list reader, and to be totally truthful, I’m not sure where to start.

I know I’m going to read through my manuscript, I’ve already started that, but from there, where?

  1. Scene Cards
  2. Story Arc
  3. Time Line
  4. Character Cards (complete these, as they are started)
  5. Play dumb games on face book?? (no no no!)
  6. Research all those important historical points
  7. Just begin editing and re-writing

And all of this is just the beginning reader, just in the editing, I will need to check points for historical accuracy. Insert new scenes to create bridges between incidents. Re-write scenes that just don’t make sense.

No reader, that’s not my new hair do. . . it’s how I feel when I start to think of what I do next. (PS, please someone – move that cow!)

I know reader, none of this is really that difficult, it’s more a case of where to start. I know, a journey of thousand miles begins with one step, but in which direction do I head?