Dear Reader,

My life is considerably more isolated than it ever was, writing is a solitary existence. Not lonely reader, but mostly alone. I am fortunate that while I write and spend most of my time alone, I can also write with my husband watching tv (flicking channels) beside me.

If you think about it, most jobs involve some degree of interaction with others. Writing does too, but not while you’re actually writing. You spend a lot of time in your head, thinking about characters, what they look like, what are their motivations, why they are doing what they do. Then you scribble it all down, have piles of notes, either electronic or hard copy, or both if you’re like me 🙂

Then comes the doubt demon, sitting on your shoulder, pointing out that your writing is rubbish, that you are a housewife, stick to that! Well that’s what my personal little beastie says. Reader, the very essence of writing is what causes so much agony. We work alone, with people we’ve mostly made up. We have no workmates cheering us on, or pointing out bits we’ve missed. Helping us learn the skills needed to be efficient and useful to an employer. Working alongside us.

We do have ever patient husbands, sisters, friends and family who we can bore spit-less. At least I know I do reader, but essentially, it’s a pretty much flying solo.

And then along came such things as face book and twitter, who’d ever heard of a blog? I mean reader, what is this about? This thing has taken the world by storm, and now as a writer, I couldn’t even imagine being without the interaction I get from these.

The likes of social media sites have allowed me to connect with published writers, editors, even agents. I have become friends with people whom I’ve never met face to face, but have copies of their books. What’s even more marvellous reader, is they take an interest, they encourage and give the odd kick in the pants when it’s needed.

So mockers, go right ahead, we writers would be still sitting chewing our pencils without our word wars and fb friends. I think, quite possibly, that these sites help get more writers writing and help to keep the doubt beasties at bay.

What do you think reader?