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Well reader, it seems that sometimes life just gets in the way of writing.

How do we keep the momentum? How can I keep writing at the forefront? Good Question reader, I’m glad you asked!

I need to write lists, lists of lists and then I lose the lists so I start again. But a list is the way to go!

Then I need to work out when I want these listed items done, do I need to set myself a due date? I think it’s essential reader. Without a due by date, I’m just as likely to dither around for years. I’ve been known to do this a time or two.

So today I’ll be busy, doing my paid work and writing myself a list or two. I’ll also assess how much I have actually done. How far I’ve come reader, because I’ve learnt the hard way, that sometime’s it’s really important to celebrate even the smallest of achievements. Those small achievements really add up and eventually, we make it to our goal.

Some things that I have to celebrate are that firstly, I did write a full first draft. I’ve written a story that I like, full of characters that I love! I have written out my scene notes, so now I can see where I need to shuffle things around and remove some senseless bits.

And most importantly I have began to edit and rewrite, I have kicked off, and we’re into the second half.