I’ve not done a lot of writing this last week reader, I’ve had all sorts of things happening that just have sucked away my writing energy.

It’s ok though, because I have managed to do a lot of reading and Internet browsing. I’ve been searching for examples of fashion and dress for the good folk of 1832. Can you believe it, everything I’ve read shows lovely pictures of Jane Austin’s Regency period, 1795 – 1830, then there is the Victorian Era, 1837 – 1901.

So reader where does this leave my Maddy in 1832, is she stuck on the river bank with nothing in particular to wear? How can we have a girl dressing herself in a bark hut when the whale bone stays were just on the way back in??

Why does it matter? It matters reader because if Maddy has to dress herself, how does she get herself into her clothes like this without a maid?

And these beauties couldn’t have done this alone.

It seems that the fashion history books kind of just mumble over the exact period that I’ve chosen to use as my story setting.

Above are some of the few pictures I’ve found, and my research has promoted the necessity to rewrite some of my girl’s back story, because I’m pretty sure some assistance would have been required.

And I haven’t even began with the men’s fashion yet . . .