Hello again, it’s hard to believe we are halfway through April and on the slippery slope into May. Reader the speedily approaching month of May means mayhem for us in the Beavan household. We are going to be flying out for our first overseas jaunt on the 1st and as is always the case around here, it means the MOTT ( Man of the Truck) will most likely slide out of the Freightliner at about midnight of the 30th of April.

Our plane leaves at 7am on the 1st of May, so we need to be driving to Sydney at around 2am. I so love planning things around our transport business. It’s always guaranteed to be close to the wire.

As for my writing, well reader, I’ve done a small amount of editing, but even more exciting, I have come up with a starter for a plot for a second book. How’s that, I’ve barely begun editing the first and my head is running away on a new adventure for Maddy and Daniel.

This came about on Saturday when I went for a short drive, about 2 hours,  with Dave in one of our trucks. We headed out towards Denman via the Golden Highway. We were testing the truck up some steep hills as it had been having a few fuel consumption issues. Dave told me we would go up a particularly long steep hill called “Ogilvies”  as is was a long pull for the truck. Apparently this is a good way to see how the motor was performing? Depending on which gear you use to travel at a particular speed. . .  I guess he knows what he’s talking about! But the point of this is that the name Ogilvie rang a bell. Somewhere in my research I remembered reading the name. Then I remembered, I’d read it in George Wyndham’s journal.

This a portrait of George Wyndham, Hunter River settler and founder of the famous Wyndham Estate Winery, originally called Dalwood Estate and a prominent setting in my novel, “On the River Bank” (working title).

Then I saw a sign reading “Dalswinton” then another “Merton” and these too set my memory bells ringing.

William Ogilvie (above) was an early settler in the Valley and founder of the township of Merton. This gave me an idea for a new adventure that could take Maddy and Daniel further up the Valley, visiting the settler’s and the village of Merton, now called Denman.

I might just have to throw in a bit of mystery and I’m salivating with plots and plans for my newly-weds.