The average reader, reader, has no idea how much time and effort goes into the book that we carelessly scan online, on the bookshelf or at the news agency while standing in line, waiting to buy a paper or get the lotto on.

I have been fortunate to connect with many published and yet to be published authors via the WWW and I’ve read blog after blog regarding the editing process. Editing had turned into an ugly monster that must be vanquished.

My book, that began with such excitement, became a horrid thing that I was afraid to look at. Would I have to re-write every single line, rework every single scene?

I admit that I became almost paralysed  with fear. Reason tells me reader, that this is just a process, just as writing the first draft was a process, sit, write, don’t stop, let it flow. I can do that, have done that. So why not the process of editing and polishing?

Well reader, after months of reading articles, books, blogs and other writers opinions, I know it isn’t ever going to actually help me get this thing from a rough pencil sketch to a beautiful painting.

So an action plan seemed to be what was required here, and I began, first page, first line, read it out loud, listen to the words, rhythm and harmony. Then begin, and I did. The polishing is underway. The darkness of inaction has given way to a beautiful new day.