Once again reader I am at a curious time in my writerly life. I have, ahead of me, the edit, a Sunday School Play to write and all the usual of running a business and a home.

I would like to cram everything in reader, but I find I just end up doing nothing well. But I need to find a way to master the skill of time management.

Google to the rescue, I have found this site. So now am doing several Goal Setting tasks for different aspects of my life. My writing, health, business and Fellowship goals and commitments are just the Headlining Topics. Within each of these Headlines there are subgroups and activities to help me on the way to achieving each goal.

As well you know reader, this is a writing blog, so I will concentrate on my writing goals here and not bore you with all my other daily dribble.

So starting with my Numero Uno goal, I will share with you my goals, time frames and to-do lists.

#1  Goal is to have “On the River Bank”  published


To achieve this, I will need to work through the list below. I have written the list in reverse, with each step leading up the mountain to the peak, the goal is publication.


Prepare my manuscript for submission (30, June 2013 )

  • Compile a list of Agents and Publishers
  • Write and polish a submission query and synopsis

Professional Assessment (30, January 2013)

  • Compile list of assessors
  • Arrange for assessment

Polish Final Draft (15, January 2013)

  • Consider or implement Beta readers recommendations
  • Final edit for grammar and spelling
  • Second edit for continuity and readability

First Edit and Plot Changes (Current and to be finished by 31, August 2012)

  • Insert plot twists
  • Trim unnecessary plot lines and characters
  • Add historical detail and researched information
  • Fix all terrible and embarrassing writing

Now reader you may think, yeah, so what? But this little exercise has been most beneficial, I now know what it is exactly that I need to do, and I have given myself a deadline.

If anyone has spotted something I haven’t remembered, please feel free to add a comment and remind me.