Reader, quite obviously you are reading an electronically published blog post. But how do you feel about reading novel’s via an e-reader or even on computer?

I have kindle for PC on my laptop and find it very difficult to read any of the novels I have purchased. Even the non fiction  how-to books don’t keep me there. This lack of enthusiasm has been the main reason I’ve not bothered buying a kindle of iPad or any of the other e-readers available.

Which brings me to the next question reader, what about e-publishing?

Is there even going to be printed books by the end of the decade?

And then there is the question of learning a whole new language and set of skills, another thing to do, when I battle for writing time, let alone learning all the technical “do-da”  that I imagine it will take to self e-publish.

I know there is a place for both in our literary world. The die hard oldies like me will probably always prefer the paper version of a book, and the next technically literate generation will love the Kindle/iPad/whichever version of an e-reader you like to name.

So reader, which do you prefer, a traditionally published book with paper and ink, an e-reader? Have you even looked at or considered using an e-reader? Do you love both? I’m really interested to know. You may change my mind.