Ok, Ok, I hear what you’re saying reader, of course it’s better to be organised. It makes things easier. But I don’t want to waste my precious writing time sorting out internet print outs, pamphlets and scribbled notes when I could be writing.

I know that you’re all quite aware that my life is full to overflowing and fitting in writing is an ongoing dilemma. Enough said, fear not dear reader, I won’t labour the point about how busy I am.

When I’m riffling through my box of notes, endless websites and countless folders looking for the piece of research I know I have somewhere. Yes, then I am sure that I should take some time and get organised. Use the folder I purchased with the dividers. Put everything it to a pile and sort it out, one piece of paper at a time.

But it’s unlikely that I will do it, because I simply don’t want to waste my time with it. I’d much rather take the couple of hours and get writing or editing.

I have purchased and downloaded a brilliant writing program called scrivener and it has so many nifty features. I can pin research to scenes, to paragraphs, even to words. I can include photo’s, websites, and all manner of other easy to access notes.

But, I can’t quite bring myself to put all my notes, pictures, web pages and scribbling into it for my current WIP. I know that if I did take the time to do it, it will make further writing so much easier and efficient. Oh to  be able to have notes and pictures attached to relevant pieces of writing. But it will take so long, far longer than I am willing to give it.

So, the reality is that I will more than likely use it for the next project, and muddle along with my current crazy filing for now.

What do you all think? Should I dedicate a few days to moving everything into the new program and be done with it, or just leave it and toss papers about looking for notes, pics and research pages? What do my writerly friends do?