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Eeeek, has anyone else noticed that it’s September?? Not only that, but we’re halfway through September already!

You do realise reader what this means??? You don’t? Of course you do, it means NaNoWriMo is only SIX, 6, VI, got that? Six weeks away!

A decision needs to be made!

What will I write this November?

I have two story ideas kicking around and I can’t seem to make up my mind which one to go with.

Firstly, and probably my preferred idea is to nut out a sequel to On the River Bank, I think this is exciting and likely a good time to do it. If I do a first draft of a second novel while I’m still in the early edits of the first, I can plan the story arc and work the beginning toward the end. Well that’s the plan. I love Maddy and Daniel, and to be able to explore more of their life has great appeal. There’s just so much scope to write about as the history of the area is ripe for the picking. So maybe this should be the one to do for Nano.

Secondly, if I went with something completely different, I have a very rough idea for a contemporary Romantic Mystery called “Sweet Solomon” set in the Solomon Islands. It would be such fun to start on something new and poles apart from a historical romance. I like a bit of romance, so would like to keep that element alive in my writing. But hunting through the Honiara Markets for a contact, sliding in betel nut juice sounds like something I could really sink my teeth into.

I love both ideas. Neither are wrong. But what do you think reader? Which would you prefer?