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Well, reader, I guess I’ve pretty much made up my mind, but to really finalise my decision, I am going to do Marg McAlister’s One Hour Plot. You can buy her ebook here: The Busy Writer’s One Hour Plot

It’s a brilliant tool to kick start your writing and I use it even when I’ve been scribbling away and need to redirect the story.

So for my NaNoWriMo project, I am going to use this handy template to get it all sorted. To see who wants to be written about first. I have my preferences, but we shall see. Firstly I will start with my characters, basically outline all the stuff I know about them so far. Of course this is easier with Maddy and Daniel, as we already have an established relationship. As for the Solomon Island story, I will need to start at the beginning there, think of names, descriptions, hobbies, jobs, quirks and foibles.

Then I will decide on some trouble to throw them all into. Again, I won’t have to look too hard into the history books to find some historical events to cause a bit of drama for my colonial couple. As for Sweet Solomon, well a murder usually writes it’s own set of disturbances, let alone a murder investigation in a third world country.

Then, when everyone is suitably in strife, I’ll tighten the noose, ratchet up the tension and  see what breaks first.

I’ll add some additional characters, some natural disasters, maybe a bit of personal insecurity and jealousy, and there we have it, a plot or two, ready to go. Only thing I have to do after that is write a few thousand words, like 50,000 for starters.


Of course reader, there is always additional research material that I will need to locate, bookmark, copy, print, and remember where I’ve stashed. I will flick through magazines to locate the right look for characters. Draw up a character profile to attach to each name, so I can describe them accurately each time. I’ll check out historical references and local customs to keep everything believable and true.

I’ll need to sort out how I want things to end up, and then how I’m going to get everyone to behave and go where I plan. Of course, that doesn’t mean a thing, Maddy has been known to just dart off in a totally different direction than I have planned for her. I can’t imagine any future writing will be any different.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? Have you got it all sorted or are  you like me, still deciding? Non writers, aren’t you intrigued, considering, can I do this too? You know they say that everyone has a book in them. Is there a tiny flame burning in your heart, wanting to be fanned into a creative blaze? Are you game to give it a go?