Hello again reader, it’s a short and sweet post this sunny monday. I’m busy!

I’ve been working my nano project, as you know, and there have been times when I’ve written stuff that is purely made up.

For instance, I have our girl Kiki taking a local seasickness remedy. Now before I am howled down with shouts of “There’s no such thing!” I don’t care, I made it up. I didn’t want to to have to suffer through another 6 hour boat journey with Kiki heaving her guts up!

So, when is it ok to make stuff up and when should we be factual?

It’s a fine line isn’t it? I believe my making up a seasickness remedy is a bit of fun, that takes the opportunity to fill out Kiki’s personality. To show her in a different light. To make the journey from Makuna to Honiara a little easier for her.

I suppose I could have done it other ways, but I quite like the little quirky twist it gives the overall story.

I’ve read books that are ridiculous in their mistakes. Explaining how to do things that I know is wrong, made up and it totally destroys the book for me.

The incorrect information I mention, not that I will be specific, is more than annoying. The thing is that the information in such books is easily proven. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the subject would spot the error.

My seasickness cure, well, it could be true, it could easily be as true as it could be total fiction. I wouldn’t know. But I like the story line and I’m making no apologies for making it up.

Have you read books with wrong information? Have you felt like writing a letter pointing out the errors to the author?

Do you think that sometimes it doesn’t matter? Well as long as it’s sort of realistic?