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This is a follow on from last week’s post reader. This week I’d intended to work on my first draft of “Something in the Water”.

And I have to admit that I really haven’t done anything close to what I’d like to have. So today, a rainy and cool Monday, and a long weekend Monday at that, has given me an opportunity to get stuck in. Well, I’ve made a start.

Instead of editing and rewriting, I’ve been hanging out with my family, eating out with my husband and buying a new car.

The car is a whole other story reader, but here’s a picture of my new car. We hope to pick it up this week sometime, after it gets all the treatments imaginable.


Back to the writing, well, as you know it’s a slow process for me, but I’m beginning to make some progress. I hope you understand reader if I do less work here and use my time to do a bit more editing.

How do you battle the little distractions in day to day life reader? Can you stay on track and prioritise your writing?