Poems, reader, I’m learning to write poems and have joined in a facebook group called #postitnotepoetry.

It’s been so much fun, challenging and gets me out of a writing rut.

So, for want of something better to do, I’ll share some with you 🙂

* * * * *

Little bird, trapped by wire

I bet you wish you could fly higher

Exotic creature kept for pleasure

Goes to show man’s true measure

If I could I’d set you free

But you can’t live within a tree

You are doomed thus

Kept to please us



Pretty bird upon the water

Keep your head down, you really oughter



The grass is green, and way too long.

Of birds and crickets, a distant song.

So far gone now, I’ve lost the chooks.

I need to mow now, a jungle mistook.

The whipper snipper and the mower.

A bit of fuel, to give some power.

I have to weed and tidy up.

Tired and dirty, of cool water I need a sup.



Layer of moisture close to the ground

My thoughts enveloped in a shroud