Dear reader, I have been on the endless planning a failing treadmill that is my comfort zone. But during February, I met up with some great fellow writers who were on a month long jaunt of writing bad poetry. Their words not mine. I loved the poems so much that I found myself wanting to join in. So I asked if I could and was warmly invited in. It was brilliant. I played around with different forms of poetry. I knew nothing of poetry, other than I thought I didn’t really like it. February taught me what a Solage was, and as for Cinquain, another learning curve. Not to mention Alliteration. I had no idea what that meant until someone used to the term to describe my #postitnotepoetry contribution. All this lead to a small group of pals joining writerly forces to encourage and share. Part of the sharing included a project plan. I have taken the liberty of taking said plan and picking out bits for my own project.

Here is my personal plan. I will write a short deconstruction of myself as a writer each Monday in March.

This week is about what I do well, what I do poorly and what genres don’t I feel equal to.

To start us off reader, I believe I am reasonably good at plotting a new story. I can nut out all the details, put together character profiles, escalate the tension.

I love to write the first draft, it is exciting and I feel as led by the story and want to know what happens next as much as any reader. I think I can pull together a good yarn.

As for what I do poorly, I think, really, it’s called discipline. In the first draft it’s so exciting and a road untraveled for me that it takes no discipline. I’m just off on a magical ride. I don’t consider what else I should be doing, what work I’m ignoring. I just go for it. But then comes the edit. I find it far too easy to put down, think that I’ll come right back to it, but don’t.

As for my actual writing, I write long and convoluted sentences. I ramble on and on and on, and never finish, it all just runs together, so I have to go back and fix that all the time. But, I can write a funny scene. I like things that are subtly humorous and I hope to write my scene’s this way. So while my stories are not comedy, I do hope to inject a little laughter in here and there.

Genre’s are a strange thing, strange word even. I mean, GENRE, reader? Where did this foreign word sneak into our Aussie vocabulary anyway? So I looked it up!


gen·re [zhahn-ruh; French zhahn-ruh] Show IPA noun, plural gen·res [-ruhz; French -ruh] Show IPA , adjective



a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique, or the like: the genre of epic poetry; the genre of symphonic music.


Fine Arts.


paintings in which scenes of everyday life form the subject matter.


a realistic style of painting using such subject matter.


genus; kind; sort; style.



Fine Arts. of or pertaining to genre.


of or pertaining to a distinctive literary type.


Anyway, on with the show. I think that horror or science fiction may be a bit out of my comfort zone, and to an extent fantasy. I’m not good at keeping too many balls in the air so to me making up another world seems to be too hard.