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Hello again reader. Today’s blog post is about humour.

laughing horse

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I’m usually pretty un-funny if I’m trying. I love books with humour and authors like Janet Evanovich, Marion Keyes and Dawn French are hilarious. I also adore PG Wodehouse, if you’ve never heard of Bertie Wooster, then you just don’t know what you’ve been missing.  I on the other hand am not, hilarious, that is.

Jeeves and Wooster

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Sure, I can manage to evoke a bit of a giggle at times, but it seems the harder I try the more lame it sounds. In real life I can keep the good folk in the kitchen giggling, take my juggling prowess for example. I cannot juggle three oranges, but I can juggle two oranges while holding the third in my hand at the same time. This, I can tell you, has provoked the odd chuckle. But it hardly qualifies as a comedy does it?

juggling oranges

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Reader, I’m sure there are online workshops and writing classes that will promise to teach me to writing amusing prose. But really? I mean, if I have to do a six week course to try to be funny I somehow think I should not bother. What is humour after all?

My funny may be poles apart from yours. I might like slapstick, you may be more cerebral. You probably are. I love clever funny, my darling husband loves stupid funny! What can I say? He is watching a ridiculous comedy while I write this! “Rock of Ages” It’s funny, in a really dumb way. (No offence to anyone who thought Tom Cruise was hot in it 😛 )

So, I hear you asking, are my books funny?


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My answer is that I hope so. At least enough to bring forth a slightly amused smile when reading. Sometimes when I read back through my writing I come across a paragraph that makes me chuckle. But perhaps that’s the answer for me. I can do slightly amusing.

How about you? Do you like funny stories? Stories with elements of humour? Or doesn’t it make a scrap of difference to you?