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Reader, one of the things I love most about being a writer is the community. Writers actually want to help each other! I know, it’s amazing.


We have a transport company and I can tell you there isn’t much genuine help and community in the industry. You have to guard your work and contacts as if they were gold nuggets. It’s common for people who you may have helped out to undercut you and steal your work. Everybody is suspicious and a lot are dishonest.

In the writerly world things couldn’t be any more different. In the writing community we join groups. Writer’s groups, Critique groups, support groups and any other kind of encouraging group you can think of! I thinks it’s grand.

Since joining the online writing community of facebook I’ve become friends both online and in some instances the relationships have flowed over into face to face meetings.

I don’t know why, but for some reason rather than clawing our way over the fallen bodies of our fellow writers, we help each other up and encourage each other to keep going. It’s an incredible community full of people who want to help and encourage you, not just use you as a step on the ladder and leave you behind.underwater

I’ve been plodding (ok, tearing my hair out) along with the edit of Something in the Water, and at the same time trying to write a synopsis. Now reader, I’m not going to try to tell you how hard it is it break down a 65,000 word novel to a dry 1 – 2 page description. You try to do it with your favourite movie! Suffice to say it’s difficult. Especially for a first timer like me. But, I am honoured and privileged to have a huge amount of help from two different online writing groups. People from both have spent a huge amount of time helping me with the synopsis and I can’t thank them enough.

tear out hair

As much as I’d like to name them I don’t know if they’d appreciate it. So I’ll just say thank you and know, that you know who you are.

So reader, are you a writer who has found the writing community the same? Have you found similar support in other groups? Have you had a totally different experience?