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underwaterReader, I’m fully immersed in yet another edit on Something in the Water. I have feedback from Charlotte Ledger of Harper Impulse and am getting stuck in.

As a new and so far unpublished writer, it’s a fairly steep learning curve to work with someone on my novel. I’ve had great feedback and help from my beta readers. Who I will name as they are wonderful friends and writers too. Sean Wright, has been a great help and is a fabulous writer and poet, check him out here. Two very good friends have been with me through all the ups and downs of each and every sweep over, thanks to  Deborah Turner and Phyllis Khan. I’ve other non writer friends who’ve read and encouraged and pointed out inconsistencies and head scratching moments.

It’s a long weekend Monday here in New South Wales, Australia and I’ve set myself up on the front veranda to work. I’m enjoying the sunshine, cool breeze and playlist I made before I started in on the first draft of Something in the Water.

It took me a little while to digest and be ready to implement the suggestions that Charlotte made. And while I didn’t necessarily disagree with her, I had a bit of trouble trying to get my head around working them into the story.


But, after a short time of mental processing, I’m getting stuck in and can see the benefits already.

So today reader, I’ve only a short and sweet “Hi” from me. I am determined to get this done and hopefully have it ready for submitting somewhere.

Mind you, it might take me a bit longer to work up a decent synopsis. But that is a whole other story reader.

Hope your Monday is going well. Are you up to anything interesting?