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Reader, I’m sorry for missing last week’s usual Monday offering. I have been so excited and totally forgot to share the post I had prepared for you. Note to self- I really must remember to use the Hootsuite thingy I pay for.

wild girl Bitter-Greens

Well, I will delay gratification and tell you about last weekend. I attended a writing course in Sydney. The course was History Mystery and Magic with Kate Forsyth. I wanted to go because, as some of you know, I have a first draft of a historical romance story that badly needs editing but so far I’ve been unable to edit it. That’s mostly because of fear. Fear of getting the historical elements right. Fear of sorting out the meandering plot. Fear of hating it when I go back.

Kate is a wonderful teacher and quickly ascertained where we were all at in our writing. Unfortunately for me, she pegged my reluctance to edit straight away and I found myself in the hot seat when it came to research and editing procrastination discussions. Kate modelled her comments, feedback and encouragement individually but in a way that was helpful to the whole class and not just to whom it was specifically addressed.

I was surprised by the number of student who were starting out. I had assumed the class would be packed with writers further down the writing track than I am. There were some, but most not. This turned out to be a real plus for me. Because Kate seemed to restructure the program to cover a broader spectrum of novel writing. Everything from narrative arcs and plots, researching effectively to basic editing tips. I so needed to hear each and every word she uttered. Kate has a uniquely engaging teaching style that includes everyone and covers every need that was revealed when we all introduced ourselves.

I could waffle all day about how good the class was, how much I got out of it, etc . . . but instead you can check out the Australian Writer’s Centre here. Kate’s website here, and I can only recommend you check it out yourself and save up your pennies and attend a course. You won’t regret it, I promise.

On the the really exciting news. I was so encouraged and inspired by Kate, that I’ve booked in to attend a week long intensive workshop and writing retreat with her in Oxford UK.


Yes me! I know that previously I’d never even have considered doing anything so brave. Travelling overseas on my own wasn’t even something I considered. But Dave came for an after course chat and drink with some of our class mates and Kate and thought I should go after hearing Kate talk about the trip.

So, the deposit is paid, the insurance is sorted and I am going. Stay tuned for lots of exciting squee moments, and I’ll try not to drive you all crazy with my crazy blethering.

Are you a traveller? Do yo have any exciting or essential tips to give me? Please, feel free. I need all the encouragement I can get. More importantly, what sights should I simply not miss?