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As I put my Pictish manuscript in a box to wait for someone to want to buy it, I head off on a new adventure.

Viking silver


Book Two, Raven Sword (working title) in “The Stone of Destiny” trilogy, sees my reluctant time traveller smack bang in the midst of Viking Scotland. I’m busy collecting pretty pictures to inspire; reading novels, text books, blogs and dedicated websites. Awesome fun. You may remember reader, how much I love researching.

Beyond that, I am working on the plot, sorting inciting incidents from character development to narrative arcs. Exciting times.

Viking Ship



There is something about starting a new story, it’s like heading on a journey. I work out a destination, plan the route, pack supplies and become breathless with excitement. Because, I know, beyond a doubt that my journey will deviate from my intended path, and possibly even find a new destination. It will be fun, frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting.

long house

A year from now, if I’m disciplined, I will have a wonderful addition to my writing portfolio. Who knows, I may even find a home for my writing and you will be able to pick up a paperback with my name emblazoned along the spine.

My year is going to full of adventure, some writing related and some other stuff. We’re off to Vanuatu in May and then I’m heading to the Historical Novel Society Conference in Oxford this September. I also plan to write Raven Sword, and finishing my Australian Historical, but that’s another story.

So, that’s my 2016 sorted. What plans do you have for the coming year? Are you too going to be writing, or do you have some other adventure in mind?