Dear Reader, yet again I’ve been lost in the miry clay of indecision, defeat, and let’s give this another go. As you may recall, my personal life took a bit of a battering three years ago when my husband died unexpectedly. I was so caught up in trying to run our business and learning to be me without him, that every attempt to write dwindled into an apathetic wisp of words. Unfinished, unloved and unwanted.

Well, during 2019 I dragged out one of the many stories that were lying mouldering in the file and had a little look at it. With a lot of ruthless cutting away of the dead wood and a structural edit, not to mention a total rewrite, I’ve finally finished my Australian historical, On the River Bank. Set in the Hunter Valley in 1832, it follows the struggles and adventures of a young English woman, Madeleine Barker-Trent, as she carves a place for herself in the colony of New South Wales.

It’s been heaps of work, but particularly rewarding as I always loved Maddy and wanted to share her story.