Bits of me

I thought, just for fun, I’d make a page for just sticking stuff. Stuff about my life, this miens, our business, our house, our yard and our animals. Even our adventures 🙂

So I shall upload some pics from around about and you can look and comment, or not 🙂

As you can see here, my garden has taken a backseat to my writing and other stuff in the last 12 months or so, but now, I am on a road to setting things to rights.


As you can see, it was getting dark when I took this photo. I had weeded and turned the clay clods back to, hopefully,  a medium that would allow the little baby lavenders to grow.

I’ve only about 4 more sections to weed and tidy in the front garden, I’ll show you as I go.

This will be the next part to be attacked.


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