Road to the Right


Well, reader, here we are, 2013, can you believe it.

I’ve decided to add a little something extra to my routine. I want to diarise a new road to the right I’ve embarked upon.

This road is my attempt to find the RIGHT way to good health for me. So, although I’ve already started on the road, I’ve decided to write about it and keep track and share it a little as well.

My brother-in-law urged me to keep a diary about the journey, and so, thanks to Mr Shaun Radford, you all are stuck with me doing this.

Friday’s are going to be my “Road to the Right” blog sharing day, and the writing blog will continue on Monday’s.

I guess if I had a mission statement it would be this:

“Healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit are at the front of the stove.”

So this is going to contain a bit of a recipe sharing, diary entries and successes celebrated and fail, well perhaps we could celebrate those too. After all, it’s a learning curve isn’t it reader?

So I hope you will join me and even join in as I make 2013 a year that is on the

Road to the Right

Me NYE 2012This picture was taken on New Years Eve 2012, and on New Years Day 2013, I began the Road to the Right in earnest. I shall try to do a weekly photo update to monitor my progress.

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