How and Why

Well, reader, I made my grand statement last week, but failed to share why, or what my expectations were for making some lifestyle changes.

I thought I’d bring you up to speed about the why and how.


For starters, I’m almost 40kg overweight, so in every language I’m morbidly obese. I see no point in dressing it up reader. The point of doing this road to the right is that I need to keep it real. I’m not inclined to kid myself, and so I’ll try to share that with you all.

Secondly I have quite a few health issues, I’m Coeliac and have several other food intolerances or foods and products that just don’t agree with me besides gluten.

Thirdly, I’m addicted to sugar. I thought it was just eating that I was addicted to, but I’ve since learnt that it’s the sugar that is the problem for me. Dave brought home an article about people who are fructose intolerent and I think that’s a possibility for me. But as I’ve been pretty well sugar free since last October, I don’t want to start eating it again to have a test that will only tell me what I already believe. And if I’m not fructose intolerant, well there’s still too much sugar in my diet and so it’s good to cut out processed sugars and stick to the natural form.

The fourth issue is likely a byproduct of all the above. Energy levels. I’m sick to death of feeling “bleh”. I’m hopeful, and I really do expect that sorting the above will sort out this too.

Fifth problem and the most annoying and perplexing is the “Fluid Retention” I get shocking fluid, sometimes I can gain up to 5kg over the course of a day! I swell up so much that walking is agonising. Once again, I’ve had a few indications that doing the “How” will help with this too. We shall see over the course of the next year. Stay tuned.


OK, well, I’m modifying my diet. I’m going to be trying for eating fruit and vegetables that are in season. I really do wonder if having oranges from California and asparagus from Peru is such a great thing for us. If we eat seasonally then we aren’t over eating any one type of food. The way to eat seasonally is to buy the cheapest fruit and veg. When it’s in season locally, it’s usually the least expensive in the supermarket. I do like to grow some vegetables too, so I’ll try to get the veg patch back in order in Autumn. It’s too hot to be gardening now, all the seedlings would just fry, I know this from experience.

I’m cutting processed fructose from my diet. There’s lots of information out there about this. If you are interested, David Gillespie’s book and website here,  and Sarah Wilson here, they both explain it far better than I ever could. I’m trying to eat and cook as organically as is practical. I’m not going over the top as it can be expensive and, well, I just don’t want to.

I’m going to be trying to eat food as close to natural or at least unprocessed as I can. Again, without being too radical about it. I like tasty food,  so living on grated raw vegetables is not for me. I can cook most anything, so if there’s a way to make it gluten free, sugar free and tasty, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll share the results of my experimentation with you too.

I’m going to exercise regularly, not run marathons or become a triathlete, that is too much of a commitment for me, but to keep fit enough to walk the dogs and feel good.

I’m going to look after my spiritual self, praying, reading the Bible and being about my Father’s business.

7 thoughts on “How and Why”

  1. Very inspiring to read Paula…

  2. Very inspiring. Good luck, Paula. Everyone battles their own issues, but my motto is: ‘If people are over weight then they don’t have enough stress in their lives.’ LOL! 😉

    • Hi Carol, thanks for dropping by. I like your motto, and only wish it applied. I am the epitome of the comfort eater. The more stress, the more I eat. Hence, the last couple of years when our business has been teetering on the brink of broke, I gain over 20kg!

  3. Paula, I was the comfort eater in my teen years, but now I’m the opposite. And yes, I understand the stress of running a business, and teetering on the brink of broke (I’m there right now)

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