I’ve been a bit slack, but here are some links to interesting articles

Dear reader, this is an apology. What can I say, Dave has been home and I’ve been so off kilter. I’ve done too much sitting around watching the telly and eating chips. We have had a lovely time and I’ve been enjoying it, but, or should it be butt! Anyway, I’m glad to say that sticking to sugar free though the hedonistic days of excess, I haven’t found any of my lost kilograms.

I have bought a new car, we pick it up this afternoon, too exciting 🙂 Here’s a picture.


I know I’ve already shown you this, but I’m too excited. So let’s look at it again.

So reader, I can only make you a promise, that in the next coming week, I will do my utmost to take more notice of my “full” gauge, to get out and do some exercise and to report all the humps and bumps to you next week.

And you may have to put up with a picture of my new car again.

A bit about how HFCS effects your brain here

Activate some nuts, here’s why

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