There’s a lot of talk about super foods and I wondered what’s so super about them anyway. I went to my trusty (???) sidekick Google to find out. I found lot’s of good articles, and determined that a Super Food is something that contains lots of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and are reported to offer some degree of health protections against disease. Read this to find out more.


Apparently lots of natural produce can be touted as a superfood, broccoli, berries, olive oil, yoghurt, brazil nuts and green tea. I’ve also read that Spirulina is another, read here if you are interested. I do take “Super Greens” irregularly. I’m not advertising anything here, I use this brand because it’s available at Coles Supermarket. You can do your own research.


Now it seems the new kid on the block is Coconut Oil. I’ve been reading about using Organic Coconut Oil. It seems there are heaps of benefits and I’m glad to say we’ve been using it for a few months now. As with any new fad, there are those that scream for and those that warn against, this is an article that seems to look at it from both sides.


I’ve used it for a moisturiser, to soothe chaffing and the usual for cooking.

Cooking it’s great, doesn’t smoke up, doesn’t leave a “taste” so you just have the flavour of whatever you’re eating. Baked potatoes are so yum when cooked in coconut oil.

I believe it may even work as a sunscreen, to a degree. Not a sunblock. To explain I’ll tell you how I came upon this line of thought. I had been using the coconut oil on my face as a moisturiser, I rubbed some excess onto my shoulders and the tops of my arms. It rubs in well and I didn’t mind smelling like a macaroon. I was waiting for Dave to finish chatting to someone and was standing in the sun for a half hour or so. It was quite hot, one of our 40+ days of summer. That night I realised the back of my neck and back were quite sunburnt and yet my shoulders and arms weren’t. I hadn’t rubbed any coconut oil into the back of my neck or exposed skin above my sundress.

I decided to do a small experiment, and I must say I was a bit nervous, all the concerns about how bad the sun is etc . . .  Anyway, I went swimming at the beach and smeared on some coconut oil. So did my sister and niece. Now it’s not like we didn’t burn. After an hour or so I felt the bite of the sun, so I moved into the shade. My niece stayed in the water for hours and was a little sunburnt, but nothing like it would have been if she’d had no sun protection at all. My sister was much the same as me, after we came out of the water, she felt the sting of the sun and applied sunblock. I know this is hardly conclusive evidence, but it did seem to make a difference. The reason I tried it at all, is because I hate the feeling of sunscreen. It makes me feel as if my skin is suffocating under a layer of chemical goo. So, is coconut oil a superfood? I don’t know, but it’s great to cook with and supposed to be good for us in a variety of ways.

Super foods, schmuper foods? I don’t know, but it seems to me quite a few of these so called super foods are really just food that haven’t been processed to within and inch of our lives.

Let me know what you think of all the Super Food hype? Are you into it and have personal results, or do you think it’s a load of good advertising propaganda?

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